The swingers lifestyle is commonly stereotyped as hedonist and devious. The truth is, a healthy couple can be part of the swinging lifestyle and still lead a normal life. Swinging is only part of what they typically do. If you wondered about what the lifestyle entails, here’s a brief guide.
What The Clubs Are
Media may portray swingers clubs as wild events with people having sex all over the place. This is not entirely true. For the most part, a swingers club resembles a night club. They usually have a good sized dance floor, music, a bar, and all the amenities you would expect at a night club. The difference being that admittance is limited to members, people dress provocatively, and there are rooms designated for adult play. So yes, there is sex. And some clubs can be a little on the wild side, but they aren’t the crazy frat style parties that the media makes them out to be.
Private Parties
Some people aren’t in to the club scene, and they choose to go to events instead. A private event is much more casual and much smaller than the club scene. These typically take place in open minded hotel establishments or personal homes. Most parties will only have a handful of couples, and most of them already know each other. This makes it easier to interact and play without anxiety.
Another common misconception is that swingers are dirty and carry higher rates of disease. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Swingers are safe and clean as a general rule. Clubs all have rules regarding safe sex, and will provide condoms. Private parties also encourage this. The rates of STDs among swingers are no higher than in the general population.