Although many people assume that swingers are deviants or sex addicts, this isn’t the case. There are several reasons that people incorporate swinging in to a healthy relationship. Here are some of the top reasons people choose this lifestyle.
Open Sex
Of course, the biggest reason for swinging is being able to explore sexual fantasies without the typical discourse that affairs can cause.
Greater Trust
Believe it or not, couples who swing have to have a huge level of trust in order for it to work. A lot of couples get involved in swinging as a way to increase their bond and trust levels.
Fulfilling Desires
One of the most common reasons people are attracted to swinging isn’t just because of the prospect of open sex. Many have desires that wouldn’t be able to be fulfilled with their partners for one reason or another. Swinging provides an outlet for people to live out their desires. Many people also get involved because they want their partners to be happy and allowed to live out their fantasies.
Separating Love and Sex
Swingers understand that love and sex is not the same thing. While most people in the general population don’t keep these two aspects separated, swingers can enjoy a very loving relationship with one another while enjoying sexual acts with other swingers.
The swinging community is large and global. Not only do you meet others who share the same desires as you, but swingers come from all walks of life. The community itself is an attraction for many people. It allows you to form close relationships and network with others who won’t judge you.