About Swinging and Swinging Lifestyles

The swingers lifestyle is commonly stereotyped as hedonist and devious. The truth is, a healthy couple can be part of the swinging lifestyle and still lead a normal life. Swinging is only part of what they typically do. If you wondered about what the lifestyle entails, here’s a brief guide.
What The Clubs Are
Media may portray swingers clubs as wild events with people having sex all over the place. This is not entirely true. For the most part, a swingers club resembles a night club. They usually have a good sized dance floor, music, a bar, and all the amenities you would expect at a night club. The difference being that admittance is limited to members, people dress provocatively, and there are rooms designated for adult play. So yes, there is sex. And some clubs can be a little on the wild side, but they aren’t the crazy frat style parties that the media makes them out to be.
Private Parties
Some people aren’t in to the club scene, and they choose to go to events instead. A private event is much more casual and much smaller than the club scene. These typically take place in open minded hotel establishments or personal homes. Most parties will only have a handful of couples, and most of them already know each other. This makes it easier to interact and play without anxiety.
Another common misconception is that swingers are dirty and carry higher rates of disease. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Swingers are safe and clean as a general rule. Clubs all have rules regarding safe sex, and will provide condoms. Private parties also encourage this. The rates of STDs among swingers are no higher than in the general population.

What Makes a Swingers Lifestyle Interesting?

Swingers enjoy an active, healthy life that never seems to get boring. Many people are attracted to the lifestyle for many different reasons. So what makes the lifestyle so interesting? Here are just a few aspects that make it different from other lifestyles.

Changing Sex Life

Unlike traditional monogamous couples, swingers couples enjoy a sex life that is ever changing. Monogamous couples can have a great time together, but swingers have a great time while in the company of others. Swingers don’t have to be limited with in their sex lives, and if they have a fantasy they can discuss and possibly live it out. Since safe sex is important to swingers, having sex with multiple people, even multiple people at the same time, is not outside the realm of possibility. Swingers can be just as normal as everyone else, and you can also be free to explore taboo things that aren’t accepted in the general population.

Going Out and In the Community

Swingers parties and events can be found just about every night of the week but are more popular on weekends. Those who would rather not venture out to the clubs can find private swinging parties and events to attend. Swingers enjoy a rich life within their own community as well. Networking is common, and is easily done through the internet. There are hundreds of websites out there that are devoted to the swingers lifestyles. These sites serve as a virtual community, allowing swingers to meet one another, discuss different aspects of the lifestyle, ask questions, and just talk about daily life.

Top Five attractions to a Swinging Lifestyle

Although many people assume that swingers are deviants or sex addicts, this isn’t the case. There are several reasons that people incorporate swinging in to a healthy relationship. Here are some of the top reasons people choose this lifestyle.
Open Sex
Of course, the biggest reason for swinging is being able to explore sexual fantasies without the typical discourse that affairs can cause.
Greater Trust
Believe it or not, couples who swing have to have a huge level of trust in order for it to work. A lot of couples get involved in swinging as a way to increase their bond and trust levels.
Fulfilling Desires
One of the most common reasons people are attracted to swinging isn’t just because of the prospect of open sex. Many have desires that wouldn’t be able to be fulfilled with their partners for one reason or another. Swinging provides an outlet for people to live out their desires. Many people also get involved because they want their partners to be happy and allowed to live out their fantasies.
Separating Love and Sex
Swingers understand that love and sex is not the same thing. While most people in the general population don’t keep these two aspects separated, swingers can enjoy a very loving relationship with one another while enjoying sexual acts with other swingers.
The swinging community is large and global. Not only do you meet others who share the same desires as you, but swingers come from all walks of life. The community itself is an attraction for many people. It allows you to form close relationships and network with others who won’t judge you.

How The Swinging Lifestyle Is Part Of a Healthy Marriage

A lot of people assume that swingers can’t possibly be in a loving relationship as part of a marriage. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, the only relationships that work well in a swinging situation are healthy, loving relationships. Without complete trust in one another, swinging is not going to work. Here are just a few ways that swinging can help the health of your relationship.


In order for swinging to be viable, you must have trust in your partner and vice versa. Without this, swinging will destroy the relationship. It’s important to remember that sex and love are not one in the same, and enjoying sex with someone other than your partner does not mean that you don’t love them. Swingers have this figured out, and their marriages are healthy as a result.


Allowing your spouse to experience things that they want is an important part of any relationship. When you love your partner, you want to make them happy. In the swinging world, this reigns supreme. If your partner wants to try a threesome, a swinger would be more open to this. This creates a tighter bond with your spouse, and you get pleasure from knowing that they are being pleasured in another way.


A necessary part of any relationship is the creation of boundaries that can not be crossed. With swingers, this is vital before they can play. Since they are used to setting boundaries and used to dealing with temptation, the relationship is healthier and stronger than that of those who don’t verbalize this.

Do Couples Prefer The Swinging Lifestyle More Than Singles?

Even with in the swinging community there are many different variations. Some people prefer certain activities over others. There are advantages for both singles and couples.

Advantages for Singles

Singles enjoy the swinging lifestyle in a different way than couples do. They have the advantage of complete freedom. If they just want to hook up with one person, the option is there. They can also join couples in play, help fulfil bisexual or cuckolding fantasies, or just watch and enjoy the other festivities.

Advantages for Couples

Couples also have advantages when it comes to the swinging lifestyle. Instead of cheating, sexual fantasies and desires can be fulfilled with your partner in the comfort of an open environment. Couples can enjoy living out fantasies of swapping, cuckolding, group sex, and any other fantasy that they may have. As a couple they can choose to involve other couples or singles.

Who Benefits More?

Both singles and couples can benefit from the lifestyle. Both singles and couples are able to explore their sexuality with this lifestyle.  Singles can benefit from not having to deal with a commitment monogamous relationship, while couples benefit from having an open minded partner they can always rely on.

Couples tend to have more of an advantage as it’s easier for couples to get access to parties and club events. Most swingers clubs limit the number of singles that can attend. The cost is also typically higher for singles.

How to Join In With The Swinging Lifestyle

Making the decision to become a swinger isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Entering the lifestyle will change many things about your relationship and your social activities. Breaking in to the community can also cause anxiety for many. There are some simple ways to make the transition easier. Here are a few suggestions.
Make a List
Sit down with your partner and discuss why you are drawn to the lifestyle. Come up with a list of things that you are comfortable with, would like to try, and what would be off limits. Many couples realize it’s not actually swinging that they want after this process, and it’s better to know before you jump in to it.
Start Virtually
Before you decide to go to your first swingers meeting in person, try to join a few communities online. Starting virtually will give you ample opportunity to find out what it’s all about. For the first few weeks you can just look around, read posts from other swingers, and become accustomed to the language and rules. After that you can start posting, introducing yourself, and asking questions, Swingers tend to be very open and understand that everyone is new at some point. You won’t be ridiculed for asking questions.
Start Slowly
When you decide to try out a swingers club or event, prepare to just hang out and watch. You don’t need to participate, and it will give you and your partner an opportunity to see how everything works. More importantly, it will allow you to come up with your own rules, or expand the ones you already have. Swingers clubs won’t pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do, and many even offer tutorials for beginners.

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